Session 104 - The Law of: Honesty, Identity (Ego), Intention and Intuition

Hello Son,
40. The Law of Honesty. Honesty is a refined attribute that can only be accessed when we let go and realise that everything is God. There is nothing on this planet or in the entire cosmos that does not have the influence and the making of the attributes of God. Being honest is to accept and recognise the ego and the identity of oneself. Then accepting that life is full of ups and downs, is simply a role play governed through our own choices.  
When we start fighting with ourselves, we become dishonest. We must learn to let go of things and not cherish memories and things. Being honest is to accept the world and all of its happening. Inner peace and trust in God is the start of a path that leads to honesty and then the attributes of the almighty Creator.
41. The Law of Identity (Ego).  Every person born on the planet has the right to have his/her own identity; this Law gives them this right. Having a name, gives the person a channel to the pool of the well which the name came from. This well feeds the person for its entire life span including countless reincarnation until perfection and acceptance of a one God.
Ego is the right to challenge and hold on to your views. A person, who has a connection with his higher self, has an identity that is close to perfection. His identity has the blessings of the Creator Himself and is not tainted with dense vibrations as doubt or fear.
42. The Law of Intention.  Intention is the thought processes from the higher self and interpreted from the conscious mind. This intention must follow action to complete the cycle of energy flow. Having good intentions but not following it through, leads to blockages and low inspiration. This in turn leads to apathy and doubt.
A good intention comes from the higher self and promotes group energies being circulated and peace and love vibrations. To serve and help others is a higher order path that will lead to ultimate rewards from the Creator.  
All Laws are to promote the connection with the higher self and the connection to and have access to the Great Soul.
43. The Law of Intuition.  Higher intuition is gained by trust in oneself, intention and followed by action. It is having the trust in the higher self and wisdom and not rely on others to influence or cloud one’s own judgement.

Until we are capable of standing with our own identity, can we really understand the values and rewards gained by intuition?
Now take a break.
Your mother, who uses the Laws of nature to align her own frequencies.