Session 103 - The Law of: Group Progress, Healing, Higher Will


Hello Son,  
37. The Law of Group Progress. These entire group Laws are together, put different refined qualities of light that inspire and adhere, and enhance group frequencies. It is a blessing to be involved or be part of a family group. As a family struggle and strive for love and achievement together, energies vibrate and multiply rapidly and progress can be made swiftly. As families strive together for the same goal, collective thoughts bring about a unity that acts like an antenna for inspirations. These inspirations give determination and protection from the mercy attributes of the Lord Creator.

38. The Law of Healing. This Law from the Creator is giving Man the permission to channel healing from the Great infinite pool of energy, to heal any person. However, the person healing must have his channels open for the healing to be effective. He can also use the Law of Faith or the Law of Grace to heal as well.

Healing is a necessary process for every individual as this material world is dense and has lower vibrational energies. A person is likely to fall ill sometimes in his life and would need healing.
The correct way to heal is when the healer is able to see the body’s Aura. He is able to give the correct prognosis by recognising which colour healing is recommended for that person. He will then channel energies from the soul and transfers it to the patient.
This Law is there for mankind to use with caution.
39. The Law of Higher Will. Man must recognise that he is not capable of functioning or running his own life without God’s help. His aim in life is to surrender to His will, the Will of God.
When we try to use our own will to make decisions, they may be beneficial or work out to be disastrous. In other words, we are not sure as we have no connection with the higher consciousness and the higher will.
When a person has made a connection with his higher self and soul, it is then that he is able to truly understand the mind of the Will of God. Until then he is not able to make any long term correct judgements for himself and others.
Your mother who recognises the building of friendship groups in human life.