Session 102 - The Law of: Grace, Group Endeavour, Group Life

Hello Son,
34. The Law of Grace. This Law emphasises the kindness and mercy attributes of the Creator. He looks upon us as His masterful creation and He showers us with love and praise, if only we knew.
When we work or do any task, the outcome is fulfilled according to the level of intensity. Let me explain; if a person works for four hours and another for six hours, it is obvious the person who worked the most will earn more. However, in the Law of Grace, the Creator gives from his own bounty, showing His merciful side.
This Law can be utilised for communicating with another person, when something is wrong and we need desperately for something good to happen.
We do not realise that we call upon the Creator in times of great need and when we actually use this Law, it comes into effect immediately.
35. The Law of Group Endeavour. When a person looks after his field and the season arrives that he must harvest his crops, there is a limit on how much he can do in an hour. However, if a group of a dozen people help him harvest, the work load is reduced very quickly. The combined energies of the group have made the task very easy for the person who was trying to do it by himself. This also works for prayers of an individual who asks the Creator for help, but if a group asks for help at the same time, the energies are increased several times over.  
Note; when a person is aware of the Universal Laws then he should ask according to the Law to get the best result.
36. The Law of Group Life. If we look at society, the population around the world are living in groups. Through these groups we can get support in a variety of ways and help if needed; this includes a family, it is also a group.
In a group, life energies multiply rapidly as a combined thought, manifestation is taking place again and again. When energies work together the vibrations around the area increase and opportunities are made as the fabric of space opens up.
Your mother, who is immensely proud of your dedication.