Session 101 - The Law of: Free will, Gender, Good will

Hello Son,
31. The Law of Free Will or the Law of Choice. What we have discussed in each Law is that they are governed and controlled by the Creator of all that exists. But in this Law, God has left man to choose his or her own destiny. By doing so, a fabric of space and time opens up which is blank to start off with and for man to write and fill his wishes. This shows the immense trust and love He has for His creation.  

As this is a choice, we have to be careful that we do not choose foolishly and fall into the clutches of Satan's desires. We must remember that the higher self is there to be used, as guidance comes freely with this connection. A choice made in rage will never come to be good, but a choice made from the heart will bring fresh energies into the surroundings and the people involved.  
32. The Law of Gender. From Adam, God created Eve, thus showing that every man has a feminine side and every woman a male side.  
The Creator has made a balance in all of his creation for mankind to understand the roles they play in this world. Gender is a balance of both types of energies that draw into and utilise the body for his or her free will. However in the spiritual plane of the consciousness, they are refined energies opening up portals of infinite understanding and wisdom, from the Great Consciousness of the Creator.
33. The Law of Good Will. All that exists is due to the hard work and belief that man has in his abilities.  
When we think of an idea and totally believe in this thought, it comes into existence. Our continuous thinking manifests this into existence. We have created this world through the ideas relayed from the higher subconsciousness.  
Goodwill works in the same way as the Law of Free Will. We have the mental capacity to see the ideas come into reality. This Law is the authority from the Creator.
Your mother of Grace