Session 100 - The Law of: Expansion, Expectation, Faith, Fixation, Flexibility, Forgiveness

Hello Son,
25. The Law of Expansion. This Law governs the expansion of the consciousness over the ages. Outside factors can influence and accelerate the awareness and intellect of the consciousness.
Over the ages, the intellect around the world has increased many times over which has happened collectively. As one consciousness expands, it influences other minds to develop as well. This is what is happening in this world today. We have only to look at the technology and see how fast it is developing over time.
When the conscious mind expands we automatically develop understanding and wisdom; as new energies manifest inside the body and ignite new wisdom from the cosmic consciousness.
26. The Law of Expectation. Life as we know it is the result of decisions and thought processes of the mind. Every action is the result of an idea or a thought that has come from the mind. From this thought we create an action to follow this through; this multiplies to decisions and actions in Life.

A thought entering the mind, comes first through the subconsciousness of the soul. We are inspired every second through the higher intellect self, the soul.
By listening to the inner voice, we draw in positive energies which make decisions easier. Hence the expectation of doing something is common to all.
27. The Law of Faith. Faith is knowing that a higher wisdom and consciousness is overseeing every creation. As man is the blueprint of Adam, we have the wisdom inside the cells of the body. Adam was the first to witness the acknowledgement of faith. He saw and witnessed the event when God called out to him. We in turn have access to the universal knowledge, to use.
Faith is the recognition and the connection made to the Higher Super Consciousness, in the Creator.  
28. The Law of Fixation. This is the Law that governs the time of rebirth, as every soul is repeatedly reincarnated until it reaches its ultimate vibration and consciousness. We are aware that every person and living creature has a time period to live in this world. The law governs this and is one of the major laws of the cosmos.
29. The Law of Flexibility. Life is full of ups and down. Difficult decisions are made constantly. But being flexible is to recognise the moment and turn this to a positive outcome through belief. This is a higher state of awareness in the consciousness that is able to make a change in a person’s life. For instance, when things do not go right we have to change something, otherwise the same undesirable outcomes will constantly shadow our lives. This change of thinking is being flexible in the present moment of time. As a result we draw in new vibrations and inspirations into the conscious mind to interpret.
30. The Law of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is an eternal virtue of mans consciousness. It is an energy that nourishes the cells of the body as we draw in and connect to this high vibration. To seek revenge about something over an incident, this draws us into the lower vibrations of matter. This is a dense frequency that pollutes the cells in the body and the mind.  
Forgiveness is to draw the love vibrations into oneself. This love is the frequency that surrounds every living and non living creature. It is the energy of creation. Forgiveness is surrounding this love in us.
Well done, take a break and continue to wake up early in the morning.
Your mother, who desires the success in you.