Session 099 - The Law of: Disintegration, Divine Flow, Love and Oneness, Economy, Economy of Force, Equalities (or Analogy)

Hello Son,
The energies from the crystals are surrounding you and you are able to receive messages more clearly. Good.
19. The Law of Disintegration. This is the process by which a person goes through at each stage of enlightenment. When a person reaches a higher level he automatically sheds the conscious state he was in earlier and moves to a higher level of consciousness. This is a process which is constantly repeated again and again, where ideas and definitions are updated constantly. This is a blessing from God that leads man to evolve and update his ideas.
20. The Law of Divine Flow. When we refrain from any actions that become addictive, we reach a conscious state that freely flows through the consciousness of the Great Soul. We have reached a higher divine state to receive divine messages. However, this can only be reached when we release the material state of mind and selfishness to a state for service of others. The Creator is pleased with those people who help its creation to exist and aid in difficult circumstances. The reward is a connection with the higher self and ultimately the divine flow, which is light from the Great Consciousness of the Creator.
21. The Law of Divine Love and Oneness. When a person reaches this state of high consciousness, he is able to unite with the consciousness of the divine flow. This can only be done when the reincarnation process has been successful, or in other words, a person reaches and raises his vibrations to receive and connect to the higher self.
22. The Law of Economy. This is releasing the clutches of needs and wants in life and living a life without hindrances that will pollute the actions that you do. Man unnecessarily leads complicated lives and is making life difficult for himself. If we look back through the age’s man has lived off the land and provided for himself and his family. This was done as soon as he started collecting material things and competing against neighbours; by doing this he was working against the design of the Creator. He polluted himself and ultimately led others to the wrong path of enlightenment.
Live simple lives that do not put unnecessary pressure on the mind that could cloud the messages from the higher self.
23. The Law of Economy of Force. From the least possible effort, this is the reward of energies that create balance from chaos. By serving in the aid of others and relinquishing the desires of the material world. We reach a state to receive this energy that ignites the cells inside the body and guide the person to a state of true peace and harmony inside his mind. This is God’s reward for staying away from the ills of Satan and his false desires that perish every soul that it leads to.
24. The Law of Equalities (or Analogy). When we lead ourselves from the clutches of chaos and into order, we use this Law unintentionally. Man is unaware of the countless favours the Creator has bestowed upon him. When we release the mind of the material consciousness we enter a state of pure divine inspiration that enlightens and purifies each and every cell of the body. A person becomes revitalised as he connects to the energies of the higher self.
If he stays in this higher self consciousness, he purifies his thoughts as well as the body. He is now able to reach a state of peace and divine inspiration.

You have done well so keep going and remember what you have written.
Your mother of divine inspiration.