Session 098 - The Law of: Cyclic Return, Right to Decree, Discipline

Hello Son,
16. The Law of Cyclic Return. This Law is about the reincarnation of the soul.
When we refer back to the first creation of Adam, this is the first and final state of perfection the soul has to undertake.
Every person on the planet has to go through the path of self identity and a purification of the soul. If we consider how polluted the mind and its thoughts are, it is constantly shifting forwards and backwards, negatively and positively; a consciousness that is never satisfied.
The Law of cyclic return is the journey the soul has to make to reach perfection as in the creation of Adam. If during its lifetime it has not been successful, then it will go back to the world to be reborn in another body. If again the soul has not reached perfection, then it goes back again and again, until it has successfully reached that state. At this state, it is capable of tuning itself and communicating with the Great Soul and other entities to carry on the ascension process to other dimensions.
17. The Law or Right to Decree. This Law is activated for the service of others. When we help or work to aid another person, the vibrations are activated and come to your aid. If your intentions are pure and not selfish then the Creator will help you in the task that needs doing.
Positive frame of mind and ultimate belief will lead to successful outcomes. If a mind is constantly stressed or polluted then messages from the higher self can be misinterpreted or misunderstood.
18. The Law of Discipline. When a person reaches this state, the ability to be disciplined, he is able to expand his consciousness to a greater independent level. It is important to remember that he is able to release the clutches of help from others and work independently. This is confidence which the higher self works effectively because it is not polluted by other people’s opinions that may cause him to make an incorrect judgment. This requires dedication and trust in the Creator to provide the successful outcome. Everyone’s path is to expand the mind and the consciousness, to connect to its higher self and beyond to other dimensions.
Your mother, who recognises the difficult path of ascension that you are going through.