Session 097 - The Law of: Cycles

Hello Son,
15. The Law of Cycles. The Creator is pure energy which does not decay or diminish its intensity at any time. As man is made from God's own image, we too are energy. For man to exist, further energies are fed into us in various intensities and vibrations. As energies do not diminish its power, it goes back to the Creator and its source.
Every part of creation, small or big is made up of God's vibrational energy, which is ever lasting. As energies are used up or even discarded, they simply do not fade away, but return to the source; so completing a cycle.  
Weather in this planet is made up of cycles of nature; summer, autumn, winter, spring. But the weather goes back to its original start of the cycle and repeats this process again and again.
Cycles are ordered, repeating systems that feed the natural world in terms of energies. Man is made and surrounded by thousands of cycles, if only he stops and look, he will discover this.