Session 096 - The Law of: Continuity of Consciousness


Hello Son,

I am glad you woke up in the middle of the night and did muraqba, it's a start for you, by doing this regularly, you will build up the vibrational frequencies. Your hay fever is hindering further progress and I know it is difficult to do muraqba; keep going.

14. The Law of Continuity of Consciousness. Man is trapped in this material world and its ever changing thought processes. The human consciousness is a chatter box of thoughts and 'what-if' kind of thinking processes which is constantly restless. Until we relief our conscious to the subconscious, we will not be able to truly understand the Great Super Conscious of the Creator.

What you are going through is the struggle to liberate and identify the soul and its consciousness. Until you reach enlightenment then you will be able to understand how each Law works in this universe and beyond.  

The Laws hold space and matter into the atom stage, to combine and release energies into the conscious state. The energy released, is coming from the Great Super Conscious of the Creator; a process that is continuous and never ending. We will continue later.

Your mother who understands.