Session 094 - The Law of: Chemical Affinity

Hello Son,
We will carry on with the other Universal Laws later. It is important that you keep enriching your mind and raising your vibrational frequency.
Last night during your sleep, you were downloaded a memory of the past. This was only a test run to check if the subconscious is receiving this message.
The Creator through the higher self is constantly sending messages and guidance all the time, in thoughts and ideas. Some we accept and carry them through others we simply reject and label them as just mental thoughts.
On this occasion a memory was downloaded, this is different because it was not inspiration but a memory transferred into the mind. There will soon be other transference knowledge as your consciousness’ wakes up to them.
I know that last week you were fatigued and felt that you had no energy; but persevere as the new vibrations are manifesting throughout the body and each cell will soon ignite and function with each other.
9. The Law of Chemical Affinity. As discussed earlier Laws create, either a balance of energies, create an immediate change or increase a vibration to positivity. All the Laws fall into these categories and function according to the attributes contained in them.
There is a difference between the souls of different creations, for example, minerals and plants. This Law is a balance and an order to maintain equilibrium between the different creations. We automatically know what species is what through the knowledge given by God.
Your mother; guidance on transference of knowledge.