Session 093 - The Law of: Balance/Equipoise, Challenge

Hello Son,
7. The Law of Balance or Equipoise (Fair exchange).    The universe and every planet and living system was created in two fold or pairs. Consequently it was created in a system of complete harmony and balance where one living creature is not over powering another. The Law of balance is to make sure that there is a harmony of balanced energies in the system or body.
If we relate this solely for this world and ignore the other solar systems, then we have a mind that functions perfectly when it is balanced and is positive. Problems occur due to low self esteem and unnecessary desires that tips over  
the balance of the mind. Even over thinking and self indulgence can create imbalances in the mind and as a result lead it to negativity.
This Law is to ensure that once it is channelled or focused upon, it will lead to the correct vibration entering the body and bring it back to balance. We can take the next step and lead it to positivity.

8. The Law of Challenge. This Law is to ensure we have courage when we are confronted with any entity or any living species.  
When we are at a higher vibration and have a permanent link with our higher self and the soul, the Law of challenge is automatically downloaded into our consciousness. This gives us belief to pursue any matters relating to any topic or worldly affairs.  
We must remember, all these Laws are there for Mankind’s use, as long as he believes and stays positive for the majority of his life. These Laws are manifestation and can be harnessed for our own use. They create a perfect balance, positivity and power to the conscious body. Without any of these Laws, there would be chaos and major influences by the devil. Belief and courage is the basis of a perfect life and accepting disappointments as small hurdles is part in life.
Your mother who will not leave you in chaos.