Session 092 - The Law of: Attraction

Hello Son,
6. The Law of Attraction. This Law is the foundation of all creation. This vibration together with love is manifested everywhere we look. It binds the planet together with other planets in a control rotation. This Law is to access the soul and to the higher source.  
When God blew into Adam and manifested his attributes into him, it was the
Law of Attraction that Adam was able to recognise the Creator.
This Law holds things and creation together, and in this material world, it can draw energies according to our thoughts. We can make things happen by this
Law as we attract them.
When we create an imaginary environment and hold onto this, the energies associated with this imagery will become manifest. This will happen and can come true as long as we believe that they can. The soul will inspire and guide us to this dream we are holding onto, until it will come true. This is all due to the Law of Attraction.
We will carry on later.
Your mother of patience.