Session 091 - The Law of: Analogy (Reasoning), Ascension

Hello Son,
4. The Law of Analogy (Reasoning). This Law is to satisfy the people of this world; because when we get confused or even unsure about something then we put reasoning behind it, if the desired outcome did not materialise. In life when we want something badly, we sometimes fight for it; this is common in every single household.
When things do not go our way, it is because the Creator is trying to tell you that this is not the way or you do not need it. The Law of Analogy works when we start thinking, ‘what has happened’ and ask the question, ‘WHY?’ The higher self immediately connects to the higher logical source of the Creator and gives us answers. These are downloaded to the conscious to be interpreted and understood.
Things happen for a reason and it is always explainable, if we only listen to ourselves to seek answers, rather than arguing. Remaining positive even in difficult and undesirable circumstances, helps the higher self to communicate with its consciousness. It is the voice in our heads that constantly advises us to guide and reason with us.  
5. The Law of Ascension.    This Law applies to the high resonation of the body. Once a person is able to raise his vibrations, he is now at the same frequency as the soul and is able to communicate and accept energies, knowing he will understand immediately.  
When we talk to a friend, we communicate the same language and understand fully what they are saying. When we raise our vibrations, effectively we are learning the language of the soul so we can talk and understand him. When we do this, we receive continuous messages.
The aim in life is to get to know the higher self and understand why God created us and what role in life do we play! By raising the vibrations we can find the answer to so many questions and the knowledge of the cosmos.  
Your mother who will awaken you.