Session 090 - The Law of: Action, Akasha

Hello Son,
2. The Law of Action.  Too many people when they are in a crisis, they pray to God and do nothing. In other words they leave everything up to him to solve. This is not good enough; there must be some kind of action made by the person to show effort in trying to alleviate the problem. By doing something, we create a circuit which carries energy to complete the task that needs doing. Now this circuit is made up of the decisions needed to complete the task, the energies required, the inspiration, the positive mind and guidance from the higher self.  
This process of doing and taking action to fulfil the needs of the person is called the Law of Action; this is a very important law of life. The Creator is saying to mankind, ‘get up and do something’ or ‘ask someone to help you’. If we just sit still then our problems or needs cannot be fulfilled and Man will be unsettled and become restless.  
By doing nothing, we make no decisions and this is a lower vibration in the mind set. However, as soon as we make a decision and get up and do it, we automatically begin to use the higher state of mind and the processes involving the Law of Action.
3. The Law of Akasha. This is the process of the mind and recognising that memory is actually stored in a higher realm away from the body and spiritual data storage called the Akashic Records.
When we carry out our daily activities, we automatically store the information for processing, analysing and interpreting inside the mind.  
The brain is a tool for interpreting, analysing and referencing memories throughout the day. However, it starts the process during the night when we are least active. It puts all these memories in some sort of order and relevance and it then puts all these memories into storage. This storage is transferred from the conscious world to the subconscious realms and held at the master spiritual computer called the Akashic Records.
The Law of Akasha works, when we make any decisions or think of anything we automatically connect to the true memory storage, which is then transferred back to the human mind for usage. We use these memories or experiences to complete any task that needs doing. By doing this we complete the process which starts from the conscious world to the subconscious and then back to the conscious again. This circuit is completed in a fraction of a second, over and over again. This Law works along with the Law of Action.
We will continue again.
Your mother who will inspire you using these Universal and Spiritual Laws.