Session 089 - 105 Universal and Spiritual Laws (Abundance)

Hello Son,
You have used the time well last night, as a result you have discovered the 105 Universal and Spiritual Laws. We will go through them individually and find out how they work. But the most important criteria are belief and a healthy mind, no doubt.
1. The Law of Abundance (success). The mind is a powerful tool that draws energy when required. However this could be both positive and negative. This Law creates success inside our mind. It is using the power of the mind to visualise the items, goods or needs of a person. We can dream up a positive thought or thoughts for ourselves, for instance, a beautiful home. But this is not simply a single thought but a recurrent thought which by regular visualisations, we begin to believe wholeheartedly.  
By regularly visualising a thought inside the mind or in meditation we draw in the energies to make the perfect individual thought come true. This energy from the higher pool of energies from God makes the dreams come true. However we must have belief that this will happen. It’s this belief that is the first step to any success. Once the energies are drawn into the mind, we create thoughts to complete the dream, for example, getting another job for monies needed. This can only be possible through our actions, once the ideas are passed down from the subconscious to the conscious.
We will carry on with the other Laws.
Your mother who is delighted to tell you how the Laws activate and inspire the mind.