Session 031 - Kindness continued


You need to sleep and rest a lot more because every time when you are channelling with me, you are already tired. Take short naps during the day. Carrying on from yesterday which we were discussing about Kindness, all the attributes of the Creator, include the whole of God’s creations. But there is one force which is above all of the others, this is Love. This attribute is the secret to God’s identity. The energy inside of Him comes from Love; this is the basis of His power.

As you know, there are a lot of words that can be written about this almighty power, however, as your energy levels increase, you will be able to receive more of God’s knowledge.

Let’s talk about how you can improve the intensity of each channelling, this way you can receive and further your knowledge.

Before you start channelling, make sure you read Darood Sharif (a pray) and repeat it for a few minutes. Remember, you must not be tired and always if possible have a topic ready to discuss. The channelling is based around the knowledge that you have inside of you at present, so start reading new material. This will open up new ideas so that I can go through them with you in detail. Try not to waste any time. Because, you have been very keen in the last two weeks and it has drained your energy, especially the last four days. Remember to take regular breaks so that you can build up your stamina.

Remember the timetable we did? Change a few things if it is getting too much for you. The secret is waking up in the middle of the night when the subconscious energy is greater than during the day. Don’t worry too much, you have done really well and keep going.

Can you remember the birds praying during fajr prayer (just before sunrise) time? They were making so much noise and then suddenly they went quiet? I then told you they were all doing muraqba (meditation). This is a true wonder of nature that shows the power of the Creator, to inspire the birds through their programming put inside their brains and then to perform this as part of their daily ritual.

I will see you tomorrow morning.

Your mother of infinite knowledge given by the Creator.