Session 030 - Kindness


Hello Son,

Let me pick a topic for you. We are going to discuss, ‘Kindness’.

Kindness is a powerful attribute of the Creator. In materialistic terms, it means that when someone does a favour for somebody else or sympathetic gestures, then we say that they are being kind. There are numerous examples in life where someone has been kind to somebody.

This is one of the many attributes of the Creator that flows throughout the universe and beyond. This energy encompasses all living and non living creations.

The link with the divine is the soul, which has direct access to all of the creators attributes.

All of the energies from the Creator are diluted when they come to this material zone which is a fraction of the strength from the source. However these energies influence our decisions on a daily basis. For some, if their minds are clear, receive instant inspiration.

We will carry on with this tomorrow.

Your mother.