Session 028 - Divine energy soul-body


Hello Son.

As you get more experienced, there are going to be changes happening to you and around you as well. You will find that more and more people are going to open up to you with all sorts of problems, small and large. Be yourself and listen, get them to come up with their own solutions, rather than giving direct advice.

This happens when the energy around you are changing for the good. Other people without knowing feel the positive vibration and they react positively towards you.

These energies are coming from the Divine and move down from the soul to the conscious body. Now remember you are an empty vessel and the lights are filling it up. Before you can move on you need to fill up this vessel.

There are too many distractions from the guitar music. You have done enough for today.

Meditate and go to bed.

Your mother inspiring you every second of the day.