Session 026 - What happened to the dinosaurs?


Hello Son, I see that your son has a question ‘What happened to the dinosaurs?’

Every creation has a time life, from an ant, an elephant, human beings and even dinosaurs. To answer this question, we have to go back to the creation theory. Man was not the first creation. God created the angels, day and night, plants and trees, animals and living beings including aliens from other planets.

When God made the animals, he made the dinosaurs first. They were here before mankind set foot on this world. They had freedom of the earth and no threat of extinction. Everything was provided for them from meat to vegetation. From watching programs we have a biased understanding, as dinosaurs are depicted as vicious animals. They were opposite, calm and none threatening. They had no natural predators except some dinosaurs who were meat eaters. The Creator gave them the freedom of the whole earth for a designated time.

When human beings were created, God marvelled at His creation. It was the best design of all of its creation and immediately asked the angels to bow down.

To make room for mankind, the dinosaurs would have been a threat to their survival. As man volunteered to carry out the responsibility from all of God’s creation, he/she would have first priority for survival and the freedom of the planet. God also manifested his attributes into Adam.

Now the dinosaurs had to make way for human beings and so were made extinct. They transferred under Gods guidance to another planet to carry out their lives without the threat of extinction under the supervision of the angels.

Your mother.