Session 025 - Change your natural routine


Hello Son, it has been a very busy and intense week for you. I know you had to think deep and change your natural routine, what you have been doing for years. Let me tell you, you have been successful, there will be no going back to the lifestyle that you had before. In a short space of time you have developed so much. I can see the determination growing all the time to succeed and you will be successful as you have created an important link with your higher self and with me, your mother.

This has been the main difficulty in you to achieve further in life. Without establishing a connection, I could not help or guide you in any way. It is like talking to a person without hearing or speech or any comprehension. I have been trying to send you messages for years and inspiring you, but you were not ready to hear them and unfortunately these messages came back with no reply.

Now that most of your senses are tuned and working effectively, keep going and do not stop. Your sight will become clearer as you meditate regularly. It has been difficult to change to your new routine and eating habits; but they are having a positive affect on you, as I can see the changes daily.

Adhere to your plans and do not let others influence you, because you are the one who has a link with your subconscious and there will be little errors because of this link. Those people without the link are going to use their conscious thoughts and logic. Sometimes they can be right or wrong, there is no consistency and many errors will be made. They cannot see the outcome of each decision. Be strong for the families and guide them through this wonderful era in the history of the world.

There will be significant changes to be made in the near future and I will guide you through them. Otherwise you have the freedom of using your free will to decide. I will tell you closer to the time.

You need to find the old literature on meditation and teachings and start reading them.

Go now.

Your mother who has balanced her conscious and subconscious mind.