Session 024 - Restlessness


Hello Son

I see you want to talk about ‘Restlessness’.

This is one of the biggest modern day problems for every one, young or old. There are several times in our lives when we become restless, insecure and unsure. For some this could take days before we come out of this state of mind.

Life in general is complicated for all, constantly making decisions at work, personal life or making choices that even we are not sure about. What everyone wants is the best for themselves and their family.

These choices and decisions make us stressful, because we are not sure inside that this is the right choice. If we carry out the choices we make, will it be okay? Will something go bad? Am I going to lose money on this? What happens if they breakdown and when am I going to feel better? We begin to think too much, going over the same thoughts again and again, ‘am I doing this right thing? we ask ourselves. It is these indecisions that make us lose our faith for a short while.

When a person is confident about something, tasks get done very quickly and little time is wasted. The thinking process is less stressful and there is hardly any restlessness. These tasks are usually based around experience or you will see someone else perform them.

There are three ways to overcome this; firstly we can ask someone to help us or even guide us. Because we know that person is experienced than us and gone through the difficulties them self. Secondly, we can learn about each task that needs doing and build up our own experience. Thirdly, we can ask ourselves, for guidance.

By asking ourselves, we are tuning to our higher intuitive self. By remaining calm, and asking the question for yourself, you will hear thoughts that come to your mind, through regular practice, these will be more focused and clearer.

We know that we have a soul; the soul has a closer link to the Creator and is not bound by the problems of worldly life. Hence, the soul is not restless or stressed. These negative emotions we go through on a daily basis are only in this material world. Now we need to make every effort to learn how to connect to our own higher self.

Your mother who is neither stressed nor restless due to the Divine knowledge I possess.