Session 023 - Understanding spirituality


Hello Son

The topic we are going to do is, ‘understanding spirituality’.

When we talk about spirituality, we have to talk about the human body first. The human body has an inner and an outer body. The outer is the conscious and the material world. The inner is the subconscious and is the spiritual body or the soul.

When we go about our business in the world we use our conscious senses to make decisions to live and carryout tasks. We use our brain every day, thinking about things, making decisions about work, deciding what to eat, what should I wear today, should I visit a friend and so on. But remember we are only using the outer body, which is the conscious. The inner body, man is not aware about, if they are aware, then there is no understanding or connection. We comfortably think using our conscious thoughts, but rarely do we use our spiritual body or subconsciousness.

Spirituality is about the inner body which is the soul. The soul has a true Divine connection with the creator, which is free from doubt. In life when we make any decisions, we first put logic to it, sometimes we deeply think about if it is correct or not correct to do something. In other words, we spend a lot of time thinking.

Now if we were acquainted with our spiritual body, because there is no doubt or any hesitation, decisions in life would be easier. As messages and inspirations are coming from the creator, they must be correct and in the best interest for us.

Anything to do with the soul is spirituality. That too has knowledge which at present we do not understand. We should make every effort to connect and try to understand our inner body. In life we make silly mistakes that cost us dear and we get emotionally upset. This is because we are using the conscious outer body, which is further away from the inner, spiritual body.

When we use our subconscious there is no doubt but pure inspiration. However using this conscious body, there is doubt due to the environment of the material world and gravity weighing us down.

Knowing this, it is wise to find as much about the spiritual body and the laws of the creator as possible. A person’s life would be a lot richer and peaceful. This is mankind’s task to find their true self.

Your mother of true spiritual knowledge.