Session 022 - Detachment


Hello Son.

Today I want to talk about ‘Detachment’.

Detachment requires concentration; let me explain by giving an example. A man wants to decorate his front room. He goes out shopping to decide on the colours and borders of the décor for the room. Because the idea came to his head to decorate the room, he received a burst of inspiration from the subconscious in the form of energy from the Divine Creator. Now this energy is a precise amount, to complete the task, as long he does not doubt or constantly change his mind. He will now be able to fully decorate the room without any difficulty, as long as he has bought all the things to complete the task.

By thinking of the task, an instant process began, initiated by the thought. The conscious mind transferred to the subconscious and the soul was able to receive the light from the creator to finish the job. Now this process is a formula of the Divine process for any task.

Now use another example, of a person sitting down and meditating. His thought process is to receive / establish contact with the Creator and ultimately be enlightened. The process is the same. The thought initiated the process again and the Creator responded through the subconscious to complete the task. In this case success is down to the individual, in terms of how many times he sits down to meditate. The energy is a fixed amount this is not going to change for the task.

We do not realise the inspirational process which the creator provides. He is truly kind and merciful.

This is ‘detachment’, because not realising we have detached from the conscious state to transfer the instructions to the subconscious which in turn has received the necessary energy to complete the task. Now depending on the task some will require a lot of concentration and others very little. So we do detach on an every day basis as part of thinking and as an inspirational process.

To complete even a simple task, we stop what ever we are doing, think and then carry out the job. On completion we go back to our normal routine. This is Detachment.

Your mother who detaches every time you sit down and think of her.