Session 021 - Making things happen


Hello Son.

Today’s topic is ‘making things happen’.

Anything we do, for example, work, clean the house, study, recreational activity or even walk; requires a certain amount of energy that feeds the thing which a person is doing. This energy feeds down from the soul to the subconscious then the conscious. The brain emits signals to give instruction to complete the task.

This energy comes direct from the source of the creator; it is His will that has been activated in completing the task. Imagine if we did not have this source of inspiration. We would hesitate, or even constantly doubt if the task could be completed. This has happened to everyone, when we have not been sure about something. At this instance every thing seems to stop functioning, we cannot think clearly and some cases begin to lose hope. Confusion sinks in and we abandon the task completely.

We take little tasks for granted, for example cleaning a room up. We believe that we can do this, so there is no confusion and the task is easily completed. Because this was a simple task, we did not have to refer to anybody or even plan anything out. But we do not realise that a belief in a task contains the same energy from the source from the creator; therefore what ever the task, the energies are going to be the same, regardless of the task. I am aware that some tasks will take longer than others, but the system of God’s laws work the same way.

We should treat every task with the same approach as a small task, regardless of the time scale of completion. The Laws of Nature work the same way, they all come from the same one source. A person should have absolute belief to make the task and completed it; otherwise the laws of nature will be cut off. They do not work if a person doubts or constantly changes his mind. Belief is the foundation of any faith, without it we live in total confusion and turmoil. In some cases psychological orders would set in.

The reader must remember this carefully, have faith in everything they do and believe.

Your mother who believes in you until the end of time.