Session 020 - The Birth


How are you Son?

I want to talk to you about ‘The birth’.

In the history of creation there have been events which we can perceive as a birth or a beginning. When the creator from the command ‘Be’ (Kun), blew into the empty moulded sand called Adam. When the command absorbed into Adam, his faculties were awoken and he looked at where the command came from. He then immediately recognised the source, the master creator, God. This command contained all the attributes of God, which automatically stored into his brain. This was the birth of Adam the first human being and a Prophet.

In the physical world after conception there is another birth. This is most significant to the zone because we are a witness to this. Our conscious state remembers this event and is stored in the memory.

When a mother gives birth to a baby, it is the most cherished of all memories in her life time. She will recall this event to her friends and relatives again and again with much satisfaction. But why can we not remember the birth of Adam, surely this event outweighs any other. For he was the first human being? Is this not significant?

Mankind in this world uses his conscious state which is bound by time and space. We can only remember memories that we have experienced, witnessed and gone through in this zone. But it was the subconscious state that this incredible birth took place. The realm of the dream world and the soul. This significant event is worth witnessing and it is stored in our subconscious brain.

The soul is the link to the source of all knowledge from the creator. We should make it a priority to know and search for the soul. It is not that difficult, we need to search within our hearts. When we contemplate on this, all will be revealed and we would truly appreciate this most cherished event.

Your mother of knowledge from the source of the creator’s.