Session 019 - What is the true challenge in life?


How are you Son?

I will pick a topic for you to pursue and read over tomorrow. ‘What is the true challenge in life?’

When we think from the conscious mind then life is definitely challenging. We have challenges throughout the cycle of life; in the work place, at home and career prospect. Society pushes a person to strive the hardest to achieve, for example, a degree and the elation is enormous. But do we ever give a goal to find the creator? Is there in every household a parent saying to his/her child, the goal in life is for you to find the creator? Or even life’s challenge is to get to know the soul.

This thought was available in most households thousands of years ago. When people were aware, respected and feared the creator. In those days they knew the earth was created by a higher consciousness that enveloped the whole galaxy and beyond. When mankind knew how to think, ponder and reflect on reality.

Mankind has made a disappointing choice to make money to buy material goods to keep themselves happy. They have forgotten that these goods are perishable and during the course of time they will become obsolete or break. Then you have to purchase something else to replace the item and then buy another one again and again. Man’s nature is he/she gets easily bored of material goods. Because they forget that this only gives pleasure for a short while and it is a never lasting pleasure. This material world is temporary and every item or bounty is temporary as well. When we die we cannot take anything with us. A person’s degree is not worth anything after death. A man who worked diligently and with great effort to buy a car of his dreams will not be able to take it with him.

Has everyone forgotten we have a soul? This soul is nearer to the light of the creator. Has man forgotten his origins? Has mankind not noticed that each item a person buys soon needs replacing? Does anybody not notice this?

We have all forgotten to slow down and really ask the question that God wanted man to achieve in life, was to find him within ourselves. It is within the reflection of man that there is the reflection of God. He has implanted in every person a seed that germinates when anybody reflects on the creator. This germination is the start to a man’s true goal in life and this is the challenge of all challenges in life; that is to search deeply to find the hidden secrets of the wonder, glory and majesty of the creator of all the galaxies and universes of all of the cosmos combined. Then life will become challenging for all. An incredible reward from God that is not perishable and we can keep when we go to the next world and beyond.

Now any reader who is going to read this, remember the joy in this world is not money or material goods but finding the wonders of the creator in his attributes. Go out in this world and search for it.

Your mother of true wisdom.