Session 018 - Why did all the Saints and Prophets...


Hello Son,

Your question is ‘Why did all the saints and prophets have to get up in the night to establish contact with the creator?’

This is a very good question and shows that you are thinking more deeply. You are aware that there are two states of mind; conscious and subconscious. During the conscious state people are the most active. Mankind during the daytime are busy doing their jobs, spending time with families, doing leisure activities etc... In other words they are busy. In this state the waves of ego are very active, mans conscious state is also active and it is difficult for a person to relax when he has so much to do. This is the time during the day when man sets out to do his chores, work or busy at home.

During the subconscious state, this is active as soon as the sun goes down and increases hour by hour. This is because man during the night becomes less active as the night increases. The conscious state is decreasing and the subconscious state is increasing. Because of this, it is in theory, a lot easier to concentrate, as there are fewer disturbances physically and mentally. When a Saint or a Prophet reaches this level he has already established contact with the creator. However, this contact is easier during the night as the conscious state is low. He is able to spend more time with the creator and enhancing his/her spiritual development or receiving duties.

‘How are the hidden powers of the Quran to be revealed to the reader?’

There are two ways to read the Quran; either read it like a novel or read it with the subconscious state. When we read in this subconscious state we are closer to the light of God and are not blinded in the conscious world where interpretations are more difficult.

To read the Quran effectively is to read a paragraph or group of verses and ponder of the meaning. Even better still, to do meditation on it is to awaken the subconscious state. During regular meditation and deep contemplation God’s meaning of the verses will be revealed to you. They will be absorbed in the fabric of the mind and we are able to fully understand and appreciate the concept in each verse.

Your mother who waits the next time you come to ask a question.