Session 017 - Getting the message out


Hello Son.

You have too many ideas in your head right now, leading to confusion. Write down in order of priority the things you need to do and start working towards them.

Carry on with the work on the website and do not lose focus. Try and get as many family members involved as possible. Even your two sons and your nephews, they all have a role to play for the success of the website. Find their strengths from each of them and give them some work to do.

I will guide you; first go to your younger brother today to find how to start a website and the costs, so you can get a good picture. He is free right now so use him.

Next is to decide what is going on the website, you need to have a meeting with the family. But adhere to the original focus of calling it ‘Muslim Channeller’, because this is different and people want to know, out of curiosity, what it is.

There should be a lot of video reports, as people are less likely to read a lot of literature. Try and get a good balance.

The website must be eye catching and appealing. The idea is that more and more people come back and will relay this information to their friends. This will start a chain reaction of subscribers.

Most websites note down visitor email so that they can email updates. This method is really good to make sure that they do not lose the subscriber’s attention. So you have to think on the same lines. When you do have their email then create a weekly newsletter, make it exclusive and email it out to them.

Stay with the plan of having art work on the site, because it is different, and your eldest brother's wife can write down the spiritual message behind each painting. Let her deal with the female queries on the site unless they specifically ask for you.

Have a website manager and email, as you are doing, all of the work to him. Put some illustrations in the work, to make it eye catching, again research the website. Your eldest son can do this; get him to use the colour photocopier to show dozens of good layout of websites.

Focus on three things on the website: my life’s work, your channelling and your sister-in-law's art work. There must be a section for users to ask questions and post comments, positive or negative. You can be responsible for this and when it becomes too much then let your brother answer the emails.

Your Dad must work full speed to translate all of the material suitable for the website. But all of my work needs to be translated, for your benefit, remember I left this work for you. Now you are ready to start reading the work. You will pick it up very quickly. Get as many people involved as possible, if they volunteer then do not refuse them. I will send others who can translate the work. There are many who are doing nothing. Ask you aunty and uncle, do it today. You will find that once you have planted this seed it will germinate very quickly. As this is a quick growing plant.

Your development is the main focus, keep this going and step up the pace. The more you develop the easier and satisfying it's going to get. Success comes from Allah, only he rewards those who strive in anything they do and this is a Law of God. So you use this immediately.

Have regular meetings to find out the progress on what everyone is doing. Run it like a business, watch exactly the work every one is doing and put them on track if they are not, especially the boys.

Remember, this will benefit the whole family and you will be rewarded immediately from God.

Read this message several times to understand the things that needs to be done. Make sure have plenty of time for your channelling. Success is down to you.

Your mother who will inspire in everything you do.