Session 016 - Waves of Ego


Hello Son, you want to talk about ‘waves of ego’.

Now remember, every galaxy in God's creation was made from the will of the creator. This will, is a frequency composing of the attributes of the creator. These attributes make up billions and billions of sub attributes that funnel down into different composites. What does this mean? The attributes of God make up different combinations for each creation. For instance a leaf is made up of a certain calculated formula based around the attributes of God. Then there are other formulae for other creations in the entire cosmos.

The waves of ego, is another creative attribute from God. However, this is in the consciousness of man’s identity. Within this identity is God's own attributes pertaining to the creators laws and knowledge of the cosmos. It is a code within the ego. However, man has access to this code, if he knew. This ego is the basis of mankind and can be developed through regular meditation to understand his attributes. Spiritual masters have the ability to encipher this type of knowledge but there are only a few on the planet who actually understand. The waves of ego is the basis of God's every creation throughout the cosmos.

Man has his own ego, which is his identity. We all have a name we associate and identify others with. This ego is a divisional part of the creator’s wave of ego; we can say it is a diluted form. However it is part of the great consciousness of the supreme master of the universes, the ultimate creator. Everything comes of this source and feeds the creation.

Now meditate and keep reading, you need to channel more.

Your mother who can identify the types of ego’s in God's creation.