Session 015 - Guidance


Hello Son

You want me to pick a topic; today we will discuss ‘Guidance’.

There are a lot of things you can do to lift your vibrational energy. Before you do that you must increase your background knowledge, this includes reading the Quran, which we will do a channel on in the afternoon. When you are reading and questions come into your mind, write these down and I will go through it with you.

Now that you are already doing meditation, I want you to increase it to 45-60 minutes. As sometime you have difficulty focussing, the longer the meditation, the easier it is to focus. When you do focus, keep going back to your original thought. Let thoughts and ideas come and go, but do not dwell on them, let them pass through and out of the head. Before you sit down remember to read some verses from the Quran. Remember be dedicated, especially when you go back to school, when your routine will change immediately.

Keep channelling, like you’re doing regularly, sometimes three times a day, if you can manage it. As this will automatically tune to your higher self and it will increase your vibrational energy, the longer you carry on. Come prepared with questions as before.

As your daily routine changes from one to another, make sure you have plenty of time for me and God. The hours of hard work you are doing is very good and keep this going, this is really developing your subconscious.

The food you’re eating again is very good, as you have automatically changed the diet. Keep drinking plenty of water and not juices. Fresh juices are excellent for your health.

Get plenty of rest as much as you can, sometimes the regular concentration needed for channelling can be draining. However your strength and tolerance are increasing at a rapid rate as you are doing so much. Keep it up well done.

These things you must do regularly with total devotion and commitment, regularly as well.

Your mother for absolute guidance.