Session 014 - Why God did not create a single race?


Hello Son, you have a question.

Why God did not create a single race?

You are thinking in the dimensions of time and space, hence your conscious mind. But remember God is light. He is made up of billions and billions of different grades of light. These light are the attributes of God.

To except God as the master of all creations we have to look at the marvels he has created to thoroughly understand the majesty of his power and ability. I want you to think of an ant living in its mound with the rest of its colony. The colony is a fully functioning unit with all the ants having a particular role; from protecting the mound, to finding food for the colony and all its inhabitants. Every single ant is programmed by the will of God to do a particular function within its colony for survival. Now compare that to man; how he has progressed through the ages in technology and life style. Look at the ever increasing advancement in every field from medicine to science. How can an ant function and do its duties? How can a human being survive in such hostile conditions and advance so rapidly?

The answer is, there is a superior being who can easily program an ant and mankind to live in the material zone. He has programmed every living creature to be self sufficient and provide shelter for itself. Now consider the wonders of God who can create any living creature by his will. He has created the sky and water to drink. Everything in the planet, God has created, he is truly the master of all creations, he is one and only.

This planet is just a drop of God’s attributes; there are billions of galaxies with different creatures and beings nothing like on this earth. His talents are boundless; his potential is never ending; his sustenance never ceases; his love for all creations is immeasurable.

There is nothing that God cannot do. He is an inventor that carries on inventing, in a never ending cycle. At this moment new galaxies are being born. With new inhabitants nothing like what we see on earth.

If we establish a contact with the creator, then and only then we can understand the enormous power of the creator. If we try to put meaning or logic we will fail miserably to understand. The only way is to form a link with the higher self and the divine master to understand his design on the creation of this planet.

If God only created one race, we would not think of him as a master inventor.

Your mother of infinite knowledge accessed from the Creator.