Session 013 - What is happiness?


Hello Son

Your question is What is happiness?

This is the question every human and non human including extra terrestrial strive to achieve. They make plans, open a business, have relationships, buy goods, and go for walks and recreational activities. But they all forget that this is a material zone where everything and emotion is perishable. It is not eternal, nothing lasts. If you buy a car, thinking it will keep you happy, but sooner or later it starts to wear down and you have to spend money maintaining all the parts. Then one day it will no longer work, so you go out and get another car. This is a never ending cycle, the same cycle for any materialistic goods. In this world nothing lasts, so to seek happiness is only short term until you become restless again.

Remember a person is made up of conscious and subconscious. The subconscious is the true identity of the body we call the soul. It is the soul that is unhappy in its subconscious state. However, and this is important, there is a gap between conscious and subconscious, this is the connection. We are unaware of the messages that the soul is sending from its subconscious state and instead we use our logic in the conscious state. When we do this we use the conscious, which is in this perishable world, thinking it will keep us happy. But this zone only gives us limited happiness until it breaks down and we have to start all over again, to complete another cycle looking for happiness. All the time we are getting further and further away from the messages the soul is trying to send to the conscious.

What we are not doing is bridging this gap between the conscious and subconscious. To do this, we have to ask our true body what it really requires. We must look into our hearts and open the chakras within all of the body to truly understand the soul and its requirements. When we do this and create a connection the conscious and subconscious will work as one, the soul will be happy as it is receiving all its needs.

The soul needs are to balance the imbalances created from the material zone in the form of lights that have become depleted. Now, remember Man and the creations are made up of God’s command and light. From time to time they need to be replenished.

This is true happiness and it about satisfying the requirements of the soul, when light becomes depleted during the course of its life time. To do this is to bridge the gap between conscious and subconscious state.

Keep reading the literature and I will explain everything to you.

Well done

Your mother.