Session 012 - Illness and Disease


Hello Son, how are you today? I see you have come prepared and would like to talk about the topic of, ‘Illness and diseases’.

It is a very good topic, because during everyone’s lifetime, an illness or disease can occur unexpectedly.

There are two types of illnesses: Conscious and subconscious.

Conscious illnesses are based around the material world and are caused due to vibrational changes. I will explain in detail. Weather and climate changes are the most common type of illness. As a person underestimates the weather condition and gets either too hot or too cold, the organs in the body try to counter act the stress of the conditions and it too becomes stressed and over worked. When this happens the organs become infected, but the best description is it needs to recuperate because of the over work it had to do to keep the body functioning normally. To overcome this, a person needs to be prepared and use his/her intuition. Sometimes it can be a simple solution as drinking a hot drink when cold or a cold drink when hot. But remember it is the organs that are infected and a person should take extra precaution.

However, in conscious illnesses there are many psychological disorders. These are based around social interaction with people. If a person is very active he too can fall ill, as they may have caught an illness from somebody or could have said something that can make a person ill. That is why a person must be careful and stay in balance even when talking and not to over react to a small situation. Psychological disorders are of the mind, it too can be stressed and to overcome this it begins to shut down in some parts of the brain in severe cases. However when the shock has finished it will open up the parts of the brain again. The parts of the brain that shut down are mainly the senses. There are plenty of real life examples when people are not actually listening when you talk to them. Similarly, they are unable to understand what someone else is talking about. Another illness is the lack of social interaction. If a person has no one to talk to he too can fall seriously ill, because out of boredom, they become shy and timid. People in this state lack confidence, then the mind again tries to counter act the situation and in severe cases some people start talking to themselves. In other words to overcome all these psychological disorders is to stay in balance, not too much or little interaction with people. But there is an easier solution, this is to stay happy and positive to life in general and cope with the stresses and strains with a smile.

Subconscious illnesses are based around the true body which is the soul. Here actual organs can be seriously infected and the only successfully treatment to the patient is with colour light therapy. This is because the soul is made up of lights, and during illnesses the composition of the soul actually changes colour. Imagine the normal colour of a particular organ is red, but suddenly becomes a darker red due to illness. Then light therapy is the best solution. If not then hands on healing and even crystals to amplify the energies can have an excellent effect as well.

In both types of illnesses, western medicines can have an immediate effect. However, man has not found the correct formula for any treatment, without harmful side effects. It is laughable; to treat an ailment with a medicine that is given, then another one to counteract the side effects. However, eastern and subcontinent medicines have little or no side effects and treat each ailment very successfully. A patient should look around and try to get these before they consider western medicines.

To summarise, illnesses and diseases occur when the body goes into trauma; serious or non serious. This can easily be overcome with preparation in conscious illnesses and total ‘faith and belief’ in the subconscious.

Now I want you to start reading literature then come back to me if you are not sure.

Your mother healer of the cosmos.