Session 011 - Confidentiality


Hello Son, how are you?

I need to discuss something important to you, that is, confidentiality. Some people are not ready to receive any kind of message or awakening as they can be easily confused. They can even be aggressive and violent. These are the people you have to be aware of. Relatives will be easy to convince because of myself and they have heard and read some of my teachings.

I think it is a very good idea that you are opening up the website this summer, but ask and tell every member of the family what is happening, but no one  else, just keep it in the family. It is okay to get people to translate my books and pamphlets, but make sure you are in charge and the family are given specific roles to do.

At present you do not need to discuss this idea to anybody until it actually happens. Otherwise people will talk unnecessarily and could cause friction amongst other people, just stick with the family.

Your ideas are good for the website and stay with the idea and do not change it. Be selective on what you pick and use on the website. We want to make a good impression straight away and we want users to come back regularly with new things to put on the website on a daily basis. Good websites are those that add new literature and material all the time.

Make every effort to make it successful and useful to use. Plan ahead, research the best website going. Try and get everybody involved make it like a family website.

Remember keep it a secret right now, until the last minute then you can tell everybody. The material you can put on the website, make it interesting and relevant to this generation. If you have to use other material to start off with, then that is okay, but it must be from a reliable source. Do not rely on others to do the work for you. You must push everybody to get the work done. Give specific deadlines to keep everything on track.

I know you are busy right now, do not worry.

Your mother, who is patient and understanding.