Session 010 - Patience and Virtue


Hello Son, how are you today? I know I wanted to talk to you in the middle of the night, but you were too tired.

Life is full of ups and downs, it’s how we treat these kind of emotions, gives us our true character as a person. I am now talking about patience and virtue.

Man needs patience for every task he does. Some we take for granted, for example, making breakfast in the morning. Imagine cracking an egg and frying it, at the same time you have put two slices of bread to be toasted. You wait patiently, sometimes lowering the heat to make sure the egg is not burnt and checking the toast from time to time. This task I have given you involves no interaction but only some. These tasks are easier and less stressful for a normal person to do. I could have given you a thousand other examples, but tasks that involve no other person, keep this in mind.

Now there is another task that requires lots of patience, I am going to include talking to someone as a task as well. Interaction, with people in a work environment requires a lot of patience and at home as well. In each case we have to consider the persons ego. Whilst he is talking to you, he has an opinion and the right to give his version of the same story, argument, point of view, recommendation and a selection of an item. Any person reading this, willsay, ‘I know that’ or ‘what’s the big deal’.  These interactions cause all sorts of emotions inside the mind, some people are better than others to control these emotions. I am not talking about you, because you are far better and patient in handling difficult situations, but generally I’m pointing this out to any reader.

Let’s use an example and go through the emotions and the actions a person might do or not do. A common example is, a person comes home from work {e.g. Jack} and intends to relax and have his dinner. But his partner {e.g. Jill} wants to chat. But Jack is tired and tries to alleviate the situation by walking off or basic answer and agreeing with everything, ‘yeah yeah’. Jack is tired and wants to relax but Jill is full of energy in seeing her partner come home.

Now let’s imagine the negative thoughts that are going to be created in Jacks mind or his reply to Jill, lets list some of them, this will give you a good idea;

  1. Leave me alone
  2. I don’t wanna know
  3. Just shut up
  4. I’m fed up already
  5. I can’t be bothered
  6. Just go away
  7. You talk too much
  8. Go and clean the Kitchen
  9. I’m sure you’ve got something to do
  10. Oh look what’s that.

I have listed 10 only, but you understand now and it is laughable, because everyone on the planet has done this, those who have a partner that is. Where has the patience gone from making the breakfast in the morning to going to work and suddenly lost it when coming home.

I could have given further examples for brother and sister, parent and child, two friends, talking to a stranger, replying to a sales phone call and so on.

A person must and I mean must stay the same, emotionally throughout the day. I know it is not easy, but he must try. Emotional balance is essential for those people who are believers and good manners go hand in hand with spiritual growth. Remember I am not talking about you, but to anyone reading this. We all know this saying, Patience is a virtue. Because how you reply and the actions you do, govern the type of person you are.

Everyone needs to know and learn how to stay in balance throughout the day until he goes to bed. Just one mistake in saying something rash can upset either parties or even many. Everyone must learn to be tolerant. I am aware of a situation when you have the right to defend yourself; you go ahead and do that. If someone is taking advantage of someone else, or taking something from them, they have to be stopped, but according to the laws of the land and as prescribed in all of the Holy Scriptures.

Learn to be patient as it is easier for the mind and others and it is easier to stay in balance.

Today was beautiful and God’s words and examples are for everyone to learn and appreciate. I hope you enjoyed it, because I did.

Now go out whatever the weather is and I am going out with you as well.

Teach others how to be patient with each other.

Your mother who says the words of God.