Session 009 - Cosmic Role


Hello Son, how are you today? Because you did so much channelling earlier in the week, this is why you felt really sluggish and tired. It is good you slept in the afternoon to recuperate. I can see that you have fully recovered.

Now that you are channelling regularly, there will be occasions where this will happen again and again. Try to get as much sleep and oxygen as possible. Remember also the inspiration I am providing and let me do the worrying, you can simply relax and receive the channelling from me.

You want to know my {mother} role is in the cosmos. I have an administrative role in the galaxy. Do you remember when I was doing muraqba, just before I died, and you asked me what I was doing? I replied that I was practicing to control the planets and its orbits. There is more I want to tell you, I was being taught how to use the attributes of God to control whole galaxies.

When a person reaches a certain spiritual level, you automatically ask, what would you like to learn? Because of my spiritual abilities which were so advanced, it was like receiving a gift from God for all the hard work I had done in my life. The thousands of hours I put in for God he immediately rewarded me. Any person who reads this remembers God is caring and very generous. He will reward any one with no discrimination or faith, who praises the creator and worships him regularly. This is the law of God. A person will definitely receive whatever he wishes from his enormous bounty. All he has to do is ask and leave the rest to God.

My role is using God’s attributes of creativity to run whole galaxies on His approval. Now this is a complex process, because it includes providing sustenance to every creature and inhabitant in every planet. Imagine a tiny ant roaming around for food in the ground, to an eagle soaring in the sky searching looking as well. For creatures there is no judgement, but a promise from God that He will provide food and shelter for its remaining life in that planet. Now consider a human being, who goes to work, does an honest hard day’s work and comes home carries on with the rest of his daily routine, he too must be provided for as well as the creatures.

Now imagine in detail every single chore and routine a man goes through that does not need God’s help. The answer is simple; he always needs His help, every second for the rest of his life.

Remember my lectures from the past, that the real body of the man is the soul. The human body is the dress of the soul and as the soul moves the dress of the body moves also. In other words, if a person wants to move his hand, it is not you who is moving the hand, but the soul, under God’s authority and his creative light attributes that have been given to the soul.

The reason I am telling you in minute detail and examples is because I have to consider these tiny details as well. I haven’t included the trees who provide oxygen and carbon dioxide in a carefully balance formula for its planet. I have used Earth as an example, but there are other planets that do not have creatures or trees or greenery. You will have to experience this in your own time, inshallah (God willing) you will do so in the near future.

Now imagine the orbits of each planet; if they are not controlled correctly they will collide with each other and create an enormous catastrophe.

Each planet, each living species, each tree, each rock, each pebble, each mountain, each weather cycle, each solar light, each darkness, each moon light provides inspiration to a living entity, including aliens. What I have mentioned is they all play a role in a certain entities life in a particular time in different location. This is so organised it is difficult to comprehend.

Let me give you an example on how incredible and how organised God is. You are going on a day trip to the zoo. Now, consider in detail everything you need to get there. I will list them below starting from getting up in the morning.

  1. God has woken you up
  2. God has given you the inspiration to go.
  3. God is continually providing you with oxygen.
  4. God provides water for you to bathe yourself with.
  5. God has provided you with clothing and footwear which is appropriate for the trip.
  6. God has provided you with transport to get there.
  7. God for every second when you wake up is providing you with safety.
  8. God has given you intelligence to use with his permission.
  9. God has provided you with food when you get hungry.
  10. God has provided you with safety from others and in this case the wild animals.

I have just listed 10 basic requirements that God provides that we take for granted. We do forget the favours of God and forget constantly to say thank you, which we should, at least once a day in our lives.

When I control the galaxies with God’s attributes I have to consider all these things. Because even a pebble or a grain of sand, has a role to play on the planet. It is there for a purpose.

God has kindly given me authority to do so, but remember, without his help I cannot do anything. He is the Master of every universe, creature, non creature and entity.

I will finish at that final sentence and we should give praise to the creator for his generosity and kindness.

I am pleased that your mind is beginning to think deeply and spiritually. I am constantly praying for your success so believe in it.

Your mother with devotion and gratitude for spending so much time in daily channelling.