Session 008 - Wedding and Partners


Hello Son. I am glad you enjoyed the wedding and saw some friends you have not seen for a while. Once a person becomes a friend and the relationship has been made, it does not matter if you meet up again years later, because a person never forgets.

I see you want to talk about ‘weddings and partners’.

God from the beginning made everything as a pair, this includes black & white, positive and negative. In other words there is always an opposite and another side.

When we start to talk about weddings then we have to go right back to the beginning. I mean, Adam and Eve. When Adam was created, God removed a rib from Adam and created Eve. They were prophets and the very first human creation, which you already know. This was the first wedding in history, so God automatically introduced a partner for each other. Even though Adam had superior knowledge he could easily have existed without Eve. But no, this was God’s plan from the beginning, to have a pair in creation.

Without going into too much detail, the emphasis now has been introduced to all of mankind about Adam and Eve, i.e. Husband and Wife. This event every civilisation on the planet is aware about and still continues to this day.

Now marriage is common and a natural thing to do, to spend the rest of your life with a partner. [I am not going to mention divorce or separation, as this is a different topic all together]. Most prophets emphasised this in their teachings and saints after them. This is a natural process in mans evolution. Remember without people getting married then there would be no children and civilisation would not exist.

When we talk about weddings then we have to mention the existence of mankind as a race. In the beginning, God had a plan which included the creation of all the creatures including Man. To coexist on the planet and to complete a chain of existence. This means that the first existence in every species took place to carry out God’s plan.

Now for the planet to exist and keep going, then offspring and birth have to take place. So when God blew into Adam, he automatically transferred his creation attributes and the knowledge of existence and the knowledge of the cosmos into him. This knowledge is in the genes of man and is automatically passed down to its offspring.

Now remember, God is the best of planners and the best of every type of creation. There is no one or species in anywhere around the galaxies that possess any type closely matching his creative attributes. For example we cannot even make a simple paper aeroplane without his help. Because he has given the knowledge inside our minds to carry out this task. We are dependent on God in every task we do.

Let’s go back to the original question, about man and wife. Man cannot exist by himself he is meant for sharing, that is he needs company. We have heard of people feeling lonely and miserable, because they have no one or friend to talk to. Now if a person goes through life without making any fiends, which is rare, then at least he has a friend in his wife. Again this is God’s plan, without mentioning children and existence.

Once a person is married a bond is made between Husband and Wife which in normal circumstances last until one partner dies or both together. I am not going to talk about problems in marriages and breakdowns; this is a different situation and should not be discussed right now. Coming back, a relation has been made based around sharing, co operation, love, shelter, respect, forgiveness, mercy, strength and most important is company. Now they can share ideas and grow together in God’s plan, spiritually as well.

I can go on but it is very late and you have to meditate, but any person reading this has a good idea of the main picture of existence, a bond, partner for life.

Your Mother who has access to God’s eternal pool of infinite knowledge.