Session 007 - Dreams and how they work


Hello Son, learning this is exciting and I can feel your vibrations. I am glad you are enjoying this because this is how it should be. I am aware that you want your third eye to open and actually see and experience things for yourself. All I can say is, try harder as I too want you to see as I did. This too is exciting, as you can go places and visit different planets. In this dimension of learning, time and space does not exist.

I am now going to give you a goal and that is persevering in your meditation and to open your third eye. I will shine my light each time you sit down to meditate and at each member of the whole family.

I now want to talk to you about dreams and how they work.

I can still remember the day when you first asked me many years ago, because you were so frustrated. Now that you are more spiritually mature and comprehension has increased in you we can begin.

Well dreams as you know, fit into different categories. Some are conscious and some are subconscious.

I will deal with them separately. Conscious dreams are based upon everyday matters and can be powerful, as mans daily routine during that time can be very intense. This is because of the emotional aspects that man fits into the day, as people are busy doing their daily chores and there is so much going on. So imagine all these things going around a person each day. Imagine yourself and what you have done in a typical school day. Imagine teaching the first lesson and the second, then the third and so on until the last lesson. Then imagine you are going to the Maths workroom and working for a while and perhaps teaching a pupil after school as well. Now imagine going to your car to come back home. Then you are sitting down to eat and watching some television and talking with your children. Then finally, later in the evening, imagine sitting down to channel and meditate. I have described your typical day, vigorously. Because in between I have not mentioned the interaction you have with the pupils in every lesson and the thousands of words you say. Now imagine all the images that you see with your naked eye during your typical day. These millisecond images turn into the multiples of thousands and are stored into the memory of your brain.

Now we have images, utterances i.e. talking through the day, your actions and finally all the emotions you have gone through each and every lesson. Imagine a pupil being silly in a lesson and think about your emotions. In other words this too can go into the thousands. This is what every person goes through depending on their job and their life routine. It is not much different, but the only difference is the emotional aspect as some people are more emotional than others, as you are aware.

You can clearly see how much is going on and again everything is stored into the memory banks in your left and right brain.

Now when you go to sleep these functions/images/utterances/emotions during the day begin to process and unwind. Because so much has been going on, the brain stuffs everything somewhere in the head and now needs to put it in the correct places in each part of the brain. As you know we have a part of the brain that is in charge of sight then another part for speech and so on. Look it up.

Let me go back; so these functions/images/utterances/emotions you went through during the day have now to be stored into the correct parts of the brain. It does this during the evening when you are asleep. This is the only time the brain can take a break. As these things are being sorted out into the correct drawers, we begin to see things and start dreaming. Oh not to mention the in between old memories and if we miss someone and think about them during the day. So much is going on. Now as the processing is going on, dreams come and go. Hence, we see all sorts of things in a split second and images that do not go through any order. God did not invent confusing dreams but, it is our busy and sometimes totally mad lifestyle that is the cause of dreams that we cannot workout the meaning off. These are conscious dreams, I could go on but this is enough to understand for now.

As I said earlier there are two types of dreams, conscious which we have vaguely discussed and now let’s discuss subconscious dreams.

Now if you thought conscious was intense then this too can be. You know when we dream we also have subconscious dreams. These dreams are based around a man’s true identity, the true self and that is the soul. You know also that the soul leaves the body and has no barrier of time and space. The soul can go anywhere in any place in any part of the galaxy. The soul can go through any portals in space and arrive at a destination within seconds. Now think about your typical day, now think about the souls new typical day which man in general does not have a clue. Now the soul too is seeing and doing things and talking to other souls during its night time day. Imagine all the things it too is doing. Again this can go into thousands of things and it stores this into our brain.

Yes I know what you are thinking about spiritual dreams about seeing saints and prophets. Well this is a journey that your soul went to in a night. But the soul does not have a routine because he is not tied down to any daily chores, this is important and I want you to remember this. So the soul is free to go anywhere in the cosmos space in the galaxies and beyond.

Again so much is going on, I will not go into too much detail as I did with the conscious dreams because you are getting tired.

Now imagine your typical day and the souls journey through time and space free to go anywhere in all of God’s creation and planets in all of the galaxies combined going through one portal to another. We now have two states, day and night, and the mind has to process everything into the brain. It is no wonder a normal brain is really tired it needs a break and hence you cannot remember your dreams but only a little and even this little bit vaguely, but only sometimes when you are not physically tired.

I have not talked about what your dreams, during the two states of conscious or subconscious dream. Because this is entirely down to the self and the ego identity and the upbringing that affects what you dream. Then we have to talk about dream interpretations and all the combinations of conscious and subconscious dreams and the mixing of the two. Because an average man is confused and so is his dream. Now interpretations are a code that sorts these out, however only a gifted few know the correct code and even those people are hesitant because there are so many combinations. Compare this to the combination of numbers in doing the lottery.

That is enough for now because we have gone over an hour.

Now I want you to email this to your eldest brother and his wife also your younger brother’s wife nephew, who will in turn email this to his father. Let them see what you are working so hard on. I will always protect you from ridicule or any sort of backbiting, jealousy because you are so mentally strong that it will not affect you. I have given you this strength. You have different powerful attributes than other people.

Send this immediately, one day you will have your own website with all of your dreams and channelling to inspire thousands of people. Do not worry there will be someone who will help you with this.

Your loving Mother who will inspire you until your last breath in life and who is waiting to greet you in person to hug you.