Session 006 - Who is God? How does he fit this reality and why me?


Hello Son, how are you? I can feel the confidence growing all the time in you and did I not tell you that you will find channelling easy. You are completely ready to receive any information; all you have to do now is ask.

I know your topic for today ‘Who is God? How does he fit this reality?’

It is a very good question and I will keep it as simple as possible. The concept of God you already know, He is a master creator, a mass of everlasting energy, a mass of power and eternal knowledge over and above infinity.

God is power. He is a conscious above all consciousness, He makes things happen just by the eternal word ‘be’ and it is. He can create anything from a tiny ant or a tiny fly to an enormous dinosaur or skyscraper to a perfect being. He possesses knowledge that is so precise that our human minds cannot understand with our materialistic pathetic minds.

He possesses energy that is creative and he can make things happen at any instance. Hence, the creation theory, from the first light to the creation of Human beings.

You are wondering how this is possible, again with human intellect it is difficult to understand and to explain to you.

Let me go back that is an enormous conscious and inside His conscious is the entire planetary system together with every type of alien and human creation from all the galaxies in every galaxy, solar system and the undiscovered ones. In other words, we are all part of God’s consciousness, but we rarely understand this. If we do, we rarely contemplate on this. So we are part of God’s consciousness but we do not comprehend this. God is everywhere? But where is He? Every book and Holy Scriptures mentions this and we blindly believe in this but where is He? Why can’t we communicate with Him or see Him?

A long time ago we had a connection, as you know and it was denied from us. It was a great disaster to mankind and to every creation to deny the right to communicate and see the creator. However, as you know true people can experience God. This is because they stopped in their lifetime and said, ‘something is wrong?’ Just by saying this, the negative energies surrounding the person starts to diminish. The further man seeks the truth, the further the negative energies diminish. It is why in the Quran it says to reflect, to think, to research. It is a big shame that the western world took this advice and are leading the way into this research.

You are losing focus and asking too many questions and are getting confused, you need to focus otherwise the link will be broken. Just trust me and what I am telling you. You have picked a difficult topic that has raised dozens of questions.

I am going to stop and we will pick another day to go over this again.

Do you have another question?

The question is Why me?

In every generation someone is chosen to pick a particular task and act on behalf of God. To educate the masses, if he did not select anyone then there would be mass anarchy, mass chaos, mass murders, mass negativity, mass invasions, mass hysteria, mass pollution and enormous corruption. This is because there is an enormous negative force coming from the devil. God made a promise to Abraham, that he would lead his offspring to the truth. But only to those people who are true, that listened and respected God’s laws and words. Because of this, he sends deputies to represent him and to remind the people that there is a creator and we will all go back to him. You have been chosen to spread that word. God does not want man to perish and especially to let Satan win. There are many beautiful souls in this world that God wants to save and ascend.

It is very complicated but you do understand your role in this; you do not realise this but you have been doing this for many years and you have not taken credit for this. Saving a person from the grips of negativity and awaken them is like saving a 100 people in Gods eyes. Because they have awaken to the truth and they can adjust to their new lifestyles and they in turn can save their own families. It is like a chain reaction, which keeps on going.

There are going to be a lot of decisions you have to make, but you do not have to make them on your own. Remember, with one of your friends, you will discuss these decisions with him. And I want you to stand tall as an equal to him and not down. You will possess types of knowledge that he does not have. You have enormous understanding that I have programmed into you without your knowledge.

Don’t be afraid to type these words because you have my protection and I have enormous power and I should say authority. My son, do not worry because all will be revealed to you. Keep channelling as this is building up your energies. Do not be afraid to challenge others who have authority because you too have authority over others but you do not realise this.

My Son, you are truly a humble person and possess humility and kindness that millions and millions of people do not have. You are beginning to overflow with this and it is beautiful to see, because I can see this for myself.

This is a declaration that my second son is a leader to mankind and has authority and a task will be revealed to him in detail at a designated time by God himself.

Do not be afraid as I am guiding you to the truth in every step you take.

It is time to finish and it is time to spread the word to awaken others, let the boys read this today before they go to bed.

It is truly a wonderful time period to be in and I wish I could be there with you all. But God has given me special tasks for mankind to do.

Take care, with every step and stand tall as a leader to mankind, remember I am protecting you with these words and of ridicule.

Your everlasting mother who walks in the same steps as you.