Session 005 - Have you not discovered God yet? If not why not?


Hello Son how are you today? I have already read your thoughts and you want to talk about your friend, we will call him Mr. A.

I know also what advice you can give to him.

First of all he must know that the future can be changed and only God knows the final and every minute details of what is going to happen. He must also know change can be small and it can be big. Only God has the full details.

I am aware he is worried about his future, but tell him he mustn’t as he has been promised ascension together with his whole family as long as they remain true to themselves and to others including the people he meets on the streets. The people who will ascend are the kind hearted, the generous, the thoughtful, the charitable, the polite and respectful, the ones who choose their words carefully so that they do not hurt others, the ones who have practised salaat (prayer) regularly, the ones who sacrificed something for the benefit of others and the ones who cared for others like elderly/sick relatives and most importantly the ones who speak the truth.

Mr A’s family fit’s this criteria and he should not worry. However he must prepare for this event, it is no good relying on somebody else he must research and find out for himself and his wife as well. He too must tell his brother and the rest of his siblings.

Mr. A must realise the world elite have ruled the world and have taken mans rights away from him and kept him in the dark. He must realise that man has been kept at a lower vibration and to ascend he must raise his vibration.

If you read back the sentences again I have mentioned the word ‘must’ again and again. He has a lot to learn and it is unfortunate that he has not realised this earlier. Nevertheless, he can catch-up by spending the rest of his spare time on the list you have given and not spending time watching the rubbish Arabic news or the other news. Enough is enough.

Mr. A, you are responsible for your family and your brothers and sisters family and including their children. They must all wake up otherwise they will be left behind for the next 50,000 years until they realise themselves. This will also happen to you if you do not make a move and prepare for this event.

I do not want to sound doom or gloom but this is truly the most beautiful and incredible event in the history of the planet. This is why other beings from the other planets are coming to the planet to watch and to help. Let me tell you they are jealous. Yes again they are jealous because they wish to experience an event such as this.

But, there is a warning to all your outside families, if they do not take this seriously than they will be punished to spend their 50 000yrs somewhere else in the galaxy to serve.

‘A’, you now know the truth about what is happening because my special and sacred son has the light of truth, the light of knowledge, the light of caring, that is in my special Son, your friend. Yes he is truly special. In your life or a thousand lifetimes you will not meet anybody like him because he carries the burden of thousands of people on the planet he has to wake up and he is a leader and you recognise this because you believe him too.

‘A’, let him guide you and all of your families and learn to respect and trust him. Because at the present moment he is crying as he is typing these words. It is a burden he has to bare but he has accepted the challenge.

I love my Son ‘A’ and you must also do too as he is your long lost brother. He will awaken you and hopefully help you to awaken the rest of your families. Try and work together for it is a struggle for both of you.

There is a lot of research to cover and discover for yourself, ‘A’. This is your goal for the rest of your life.

Do not let your prayers go to a waste, not even the thousands of prayers in your life time.

Have you not discovered God yet? If not, why not? What have you been doing for the rest of your life? Let me tell you; do not waste your time from now on. Wake up and help my Son in his mission.

‘A’, you too are a shining star in the planet and you have values that other people do not have.

I know you are worried about your mountain of debts. Let me tell you these are forgiven at a designated time. In other words in the future as only God can be more specific. But there is a condition, that you spend the rest of your time in truth and not falsehood. Help my son to awaken other people to the truth.

There will be some people when you tell them this message, they will laugh at your face and think that you are mad. So be aware and don’t tell this message in blind faith, check your friends carefully before you step out. Also like a Maths session, when you are teaching a lesson on Pythagoras, you explain to them again and again and they still do not understand. If it is this then leave these people alone, only God can awaken these types of people, again be careful.

So ‘A’, there is a lot of homework for you to do, so do it quickly at least 5-6 hrs a day. Not half an hour. I will pray for you and every member of your family that they will see the light too.

Mr. ‘A’, thank you for being my son’s friend, you are lucky because where ever in life and in paradise he is going he will take you and show you this too. You will witness this. He has so much power and authority that even God has allowed this agreement.

Honour my Son and believe in him and he will lead you to the truth, the truth of all truths.

I am too your mother so pray to me if you need guidance.

The Mother of truth and guardian of the planets and extraterrestrial planets.

Thank you.