Session 004 - What is life?


Hello Son, do not worry about the time, in life sometimes 10, 15 or 20 minutes late does not affect anything. Just relax and concentrate.

I see that you want to fix up the house. That is good, because this will create different thoughts and every member in the family needs to change and this is a good start.

You want me to pick a topic, remember to read my teachings carefully and regularly.

The topic I am going to select is life, What is life?. It has been a long time since you have listened to my lectures on life and it is important that we go over it again.

Life is about making actions according to our thoughts. Let me give you an example, a person is walking down the road and he sees something that he likes in the shop window. He is suddenly attracted towards it and he buys it. The energy in his action has opened up a path, we can say. This in turn has opened new waves of emotions which in turn has created other emotions for other people. If in life we do not do anything then our life will be sour, devoid in any energy, life’s fulfilment and enjoyment.

A better way to explain this is that it opens up a portal and because of our actions we go through this portal. So life is about making decisions and from these decisions new portals open up. It can also be said differently as opening up new opportunities. Now these opportunities could be positive or could be negative. But we must not be blind to this; a person must be alert to this, as they should use their intuition and judgement. Never do things blindly, but trust in God all of the time. But do not be afraid if something goes wrong. If a decision is wrong then a person should go back on himself and cancel that decision.

When a new portal opens then new ideas and energy flood out. In other words we are inspired and in life we can see inspiration everywhere as long as we are alert to this. Inspiration gives every person a recycle of energy and this is always positive. However if negative, it is natural that we should change the judgement immediately.

So therefore, life is making judgements, through our emotions. The negative side is if a person is troubled in the sense of worries or ill health, it is possible that they could regularly make wrong judgements which in turn can give off negative vibes around others and themselves. So it is important to be in a relaxed and not a judgemental state or worried about anything. Because it is more likely that silly mistakes or even big ones will be made. This includes people who are impetuous and are never satisfied with anything. These types of people are restless and are never satisfied. They buy one thing after another and they go through this endless cycle and not get anywhere.

For every action, man must reflect upon and say to himself what is this is giving me or my family. He should think about his consequences and it must not lead to negativity or lead others.

Life is all about unity within the family and community. Man cannot live by himself, he needs company otherwise he will get out of balance. There are many examples in life.

But remember actions create new waves of energy that nourish the person and it feeds him for a short or long time. This new energy could be happiness, positiveness etc... Actions and judgements open up new portals in life which in turn open up new portals for the person to travel through or a new track of thought.

Let’s now talk about in detail the new track of thought. A thought leads to new thoughts or a chain of thoughts. This leads to a judgement or action that could be important. It is a spark that can lead to new openings in life and new opportunities. If again we just sit down and do nothing or rely on others to do it for you, then our opportunities will not be fulfilling. It is important to stand on your own two feet. It does not matter if man makes a mistake; this is how a person learns. If a pupil did not make a mistake in a maths question, then how is he going to learn the more difficult questions? People should not be bothered about making mistakes, because they should believe in the almighty to guide them through life.

Thoughts that are positive lead to positive actions, we have all heard of this saying and it is true. Because this leads us on a path or other people or a group of people to good things that is beneficial to all.

Now let’s talk about spirituality and where does this come into it. Here we must have a link or believe in a creator or a sole being who has made us or a higher being than ourselves. Belief is everything and these beliefs lead us to a path or a new portal to the creator. Life can be a spiritual journey or a materialistic one. It is important, God has given man this choice and from time to time he reminds man of this path. He must be awake to this; however the materialistic route always leads him further away from the creator. Believing in God and his trust should be our number one aim in life, as whatever judgements we make will lead us to good outcomes and good results for every one as a unit.

This spiritual path means we have to make time out of the ordinary. Because man thinks how can we make time in our lives for this?  The reality is that there is a lot of hard work to follow if he needs to go down this route. Man is tied down by this never ending cycle of work to feed the family which is understandable in this day in age. He must make time and make a sacrifice. It is this sacrifice that the creator is pleased about. Because you have made time to learn about the creator and the knowledge which he wants to share with you.

Reality in life is about sharing the thoughts of God for others to benefit in your life. God actually wants man to be happy and relaxed. This can only be done if we understand the laws of God and how we can use them in everyday life for our own comfort.

Recap: Life is making a spark from a thought that leads to new sparks for others, that open opportunities and new horizons for a person to follow. This in turn leads to new emotions and thoughts that have an impact on our lives. If we stop and reflect in our lives, there must be time made for the creator, for lasting fulfilment in life. We have all heard of the millionaire who is never happy and looks miserable all the time.

Make some time for a person to acquire spiritual knowledge.

That is enough for today, when you started you did not think if you could write so much. So well done, your channels are opening up more and more so well done son.

Now meditate and go to sleep your doing really well.

Your loving mother of light.