Session 003 - How the planets work and how they influence each other


Hello Son, I am glad you have stuck with the correct time, because timing is extremely important.

Now I want you to focus on the channelling from me and not get disturbed by anything.

Again I want you to be patient with yourself because it will take time for the connection to be clearer. Keep your mind free and do not try to manipulate the words. I know it is not easy compared to yesterday as you were more focused.

Now concentrate, I have been waiting for you for years and waiting for this moment. We need to pick a theme and I was hoping you have selected something by yourself. I want you to think and concentrate if it helps, then close your eyes for a moment.

The theme your have chosen is 'How the planets work and how they influence each other'.

All the planets are in set orbits and each orbit is around another orbit. This is a set pattern as ordained by God. Each planet has energy which influences each of the other planets. It’s like a feed and they feed from each other. This energy emission helps mankind and other beings from other planets are also fed by the rays of energy. Consequently, thoughts are also influenced and inspired by this energy. This can be a direct or indirect feed. The type of energy emitted depends on each orbit.

As you are aware planets have set orbits and each time they go around certain planets they emit certain energies. This energy can be intense or can be weak depending on the orbit of each planet. Now as the galaxy we are in is also going around another orbit of other galaxies, then other planets from other galaxies can influence the energies. As you can see this is what is happening at this time with planet X entering the galaxy.

God has set a time limit on each planet and its rotation of each galaxy.

Let’s now talk about the energy that is emitted from each planet with each other and planet earth. We are bound by time and space, however sometimes time can be accelerated and can be slowed down as ordained by God under the influence of the planets. God influences and inspires on certain timescales. As you can see how the world has developed in the last 100 years. It has simply whizzed by in terms of the technological advancements.

This is because of the energies from the planets emitted due to their positions in the galaxy. God simply wanted to see the advancement of mankind and the increase of conscious mind compared to other planets in the galaxy.

Let’s now talk about the energy emitted from each planet. Energy is not energy but it is knowledge that is held back and emitted at the right time as ordained by the creator. However, if you have this knowledge then you can influence events and inspirations. If you compare each 100 years going back a thousand years, you can see clearly the advancement of mankind. However if you go back several thousands of years then there was a time when the planets were emitting lots of energy. In other words there are cycles of events in mankind when technology increased and then slowed down, then increased again. This is a cycle within another cycle.

However, certain saints can increase or influence an event as they have divine permission to do so. They are trusted and protected by God. It is not a question if they will make a mistake, because they are working in Gods own conscious. When they reach this level of consciousness they mix with Gods own light and begin to work with him under his guidance.

You have a question in your mind, why do we have to go through so many trials to get Gods approval?

It is more than Gods approval but simply to reach the same consciousness as the creator. Now God has millions of attributes. To understand God we must experience as much attributes as possible. Because experience in anything, gives you understanding and tolerance. It is this experience which builds up over time and increases again and again. If a person just sits at home and does not do anything then he will be of a lower conscious than a person who goes through the trials of life, with its ups and downs causing and creating all sorts of emotions. These emotions created gives you experience, lets, not forget the afterlife as we take this understanding and build on it into the next stage of man. It is simply an experiment of God and how he has created the living of mankind and each and every creation in all of the planets and all of the galaxies combined.

Now I want you to meditate on this and then go to sleep.

Your loving mother who will always guide you and inspire you.