Session 002 - How to make a Connection


Assalaam alaykum (greetings) Son, well done in making an effort. It is commendable. Now let’s start straight away.

It’s about making a connection and this is the topic we should discuss, 'How to make a connection'.

Connection is about focusing at a source or one topic or an individual or entity. Because you are still learning you should focus on me first. Once this develops further then you can focus on other things as you like.

I want you to remember that I am your source of inspiration in each channelling and if you get stuck whilst we are channelling, then do not worry just relax and focus on me again.

For a connection to be successful, you must not be tired or have any thoughts of the day as these circumstances could ruin the channelling. In other words you must be free of any restraints. Always pick a regular time in meditation as well.

Second important thing, is conduct. It is no good doing something good then spoiling it by being rational or silly during the day. Again in other words Tarbiyat (behaviour) comes in line as well as the meditation and the channelling. This is a form of discipline and upbringing. Starting at the right foot is essential, because this will bring positive results.

Thirdly perseverance; this is not the time to be giving up. You must keep at it, even if it takes hours or days or weeks, keep at it. Because this is what God likes. If you strive for this cause and make a genuine attempt, God has to reward you. Because this is God’s Law, he will reward anyone who strives at anything.

I want you to make an effort to achieve the goals you have in your head. Spend as many hours to educate yourself in all fields of spiritual knowledge, as nothing will go to a waste. This learnt knowledge will enrich yourself and serve you well in the afterlife. Remember it is not a race with others. But it is about personal growth.

Start reading my stories and pamphlets and even the cassette tapes you have got. Start focusing and think about what messages they bring in each article. Personal growth is your aim right now. Keep your mind fresh and not tire yourself out.

Now take a break and I will see you next time.

Your Mother.