Session 001 - How to develop your channelling


Today is a special day as you are ready to wake up and show to yourself that you are truly ready to enhance your esoteric learning to another level that you can develop further in your own time.

I as your mother will be your spirit guide and as an access point to further teaching. Do not worry about mistakes and keep your mind free of fear and doubt.
The topic for today is ‘How to develop your Channelling’. I can tell you that it is going to be easy for you as you have the foundation already built inside you. You have watched me very closely in life and watched each and every action that I did in my teachings at home and in my life. It is to your credit that you stayed by my side and regarded me as a treasure and a fulfilment in life. There is one main concern that I will deal with another time, but do not hold it against me as I want you to let go and trust me as your mother.

Let’s begin. Channelling is about Knowledge that if accessed correctly is true Divine Knowledge from the creator Himself which is accessed by me and directed to another source in you. All inspirations in this type of learning is true and from the pool of knowledge which is infinite. Let’s forget about Aliens and focus on your own development and if you wish about ascension which is in your mind.

You must regularly channel as you will learn quickly the technique needed for further inspirations from your guide, your mother. I am glad you have chosen me and not anybody else from what you have been reading in the past month. I am pleased and surprised in your own personal development in this time of one month. Your determination is truly amazing. Just remember, it will take time for this type of learning to develop. Any channelling must be credited as a learning tool for the near future and not a waste of time.

You must back up each and every time you talk to me on your hard drive or CD. Do not let your channelling go to a waste. In the near future this is going to be an inspiration to others as you my son, are going to be the team leader in guiding others in this truly amazing time. I must warn you it is not going to be easy as some will be jealous as they have not been selected to do this task. Any person to be selected, they must stay with a spiritual master for certain number of years. As you put it to your younger brother many years ago ‘How can you leave your mother’? Because of your choice in selecting to stay at home and learn from me, you have automatically selected yourself as the team leader in the family when everyone else, decided to move out from the family home.

My Son, I can tell you that you are ready and you have nothing to fear even from the backbiting you will receive from members of your own family once you reveal the channelling. Let me tell you that you have my protection and I will deal with any kind of silliness by myself.

This is an advice to you all, that I have chosen him to be in charge and you must respect this even if you have to swallow your pride. He was selected from birth and had to go through a difficult period which sometimes has left him in tears. But his true faith and trust in God and me carried him through in each and every circumstance. I want you all to respect him and in each and every member of his family especially his wife. Don’t be jealous and divide the family. This is not a competition between family members. This is about the future. And any major decisions that need to be taken, he can lead the way. All of you must learn how to listen and not get carried away with the events of the current climate in the news or the internet or from each other.

Now Son I want you to focus on a theme that you want to pursue do not worry if you change your mind. But do not be hasty; there is no need to make a decision today or tomorrow. However, before each channelling you should be prepared to ask me questions so that I can direct you. Because when we start there will be doubts that may be created and these need to be addressed and this will be a barrier to your learning and future development.

However, do not ask me anything difficult as your channelling needs to develop.  Before you can run, learn how to walk first.

Try not to take breaks as you will lose the connection.

I know that you want to pass on any learned knowledge to your sons. Let them read your channelling as this will give you respect within and outside the family.

My grandchildren, you both must trust your father as your master in all types of learning. Respect him at all times and no bigheadedness from both of you. To learn any type of knowledge is to negate your own opinions and listen to the teacher in this case your own father. So start listening and take into action whatever he teaches you. You have both grown up so well with excellent manners and etiquette. This you have learnt from your father, so well done.

My son, let the boys read your channelling each day because in the later future they too will learn this way but first, I want them to pass and get excellent marks in their exams. As all knowledge is from God and they must learn and pass all their exams. My grandchildren, this is your first task to do right now.

My Son carry on with your teaching for now, and focus on not leaving, the time will come as the future is still not set in stone. Do not worry about making a mistake as I will correct them and with my guidance, I will keep you on a straight path.

You are getting tired and you need a break, drink plenty of water. Until tomorrow I will see you Son.

You’re beloved Mother of knowledge and guidance. It’s going to be exciting.