Session 045 - Giving and Receiving


Hello Son,

Let’s talk about another energy that has equal importance than Gratitude, it is Giving and Receiving.

Giving and Receiving, in its positive vibrations, completes a circuit of light coming from the divine source, the Creator. Its vibrations also cancel out the energies of the ego.

When we give, for example to charity, we are being generous and in effect letting go of the material world. We are transferring the conscious to our subconscious thoughts and beginning to think with the mind of the higher self or the soul. You have seen and been with spiritual people who are enlightened. They rarely make mistakes, when they voice their opinions. They seem to be very correct, or make decisions that lead to good outcomes. This is because they are tuned to their higher self and closer to the Creator and the ultimate source of all knowledge.

Giving connects you to the soul and its vibrational thoughts. Similarly receiving from the soul or the Creator in the form of knowledge and inspiration also puts a person in this higher vibrational realm because of his generosity. This is because giving leads to a reward from the Creator and we receive.

There are different types of giving as some give in various ways. For example, time, some people help others by giving their time in a form of guidance. This help could be continuous advice for the benefit of others. By surrendering themselves and their time, they work against their ego. We are talking about those people who continually do so for the benefit of others in their regular routine of life. This includes you, because of this unselfish act, the reward is receiving the inspirations from the Creator, according to how much time a person has given and has not polluted himself.

This is also a connection and it completes a continuous circuit that never depletes or ceases. Once the link has been made he can enjoy all the benefits from the Creator as a reward. The benefits include pure thoughts, which lead to good outcomes for that person; decisions that lead to a happier life and fulfilment.

Through regular giving and receiving a person becomes wise as he thinks as the soul thinks. His vibrations are now the same or similar to the soul. He receives instant light in the form of thoughts and inspiration that are not polluted in this gravitational world with its materialistic values. He finds himself getting further away from the world but closer to God and the higher vibrations. These people are easier to please and have little desires of this world. But only if they have been true to themselves and others, and have not committed a big sin, for example, murder or destroying houses that belong to others. A person should always have a goal to search for wisdom.

Well done and I will see you tonight.

Your mother, who is inspiring the thoughts of Giving and Receiving in you.