Session 044 - Gratitude


Hello Son,

You need to change your routine in order to maximise the energies that have come into your body. These new energies will sprout up slowly, they’re dissolving into your chakras and will distribute all around the body. Each element of the energy has a role in the body; all these energies will combine and will then activate every part of the body. This activation is of every celestial cell that contains the knowledge of the cosmos and beyond; the knowledge of the higher self and the source of the divine knowledge.

I am glad that you have changed your diet, because this will make it easier for your stomach as it will feel lighter with these changes. As these changes inside are settling down, you must start channelling again as before. Determination and dedication is what is required; then and only then the Creator will reward you.

Let’s talk about Gratitude.

When a person says thank you for something or to someone then the ego diminishes. There is no room for two attributes like gratitude and ego to exist together. Gratitude is a powerful energy that replenishes the body and immediately eradicates the ego. The ego in higher proportions is totally a negative, self centred and selfish energy. But only in extremes, as it over powers the body and gives negative thoughts about itself and also where sharing has a lower priority.

Gratitude is an immediate connection with the soul and the divine, as long as we are listening and connected. A person should regularly take time out to practice solitude or peace with oneself. Through reflection and constantly searching for the truth, a person can make a connection with its soul. Gratitude is the door to this connection; it is a simple word that many people forget to do. So say thank you regularly for everything that is around you. It’s because man is weak and is easily prone to the devil’s negative promises and thoughts.

When a person says thank you, the energies that are contained inside the word accelerate at incredible speed to the source of the higher self. In fact it makes it easier to make a connection. However, this is only true if a person is true to himself and the surroundings in where they live. He cannot be a hypocrite by saying something and doing something else.

Well done and I will see you later.

Your mother who says thank you in every thought and words she speaks.