Session 043 - Spiritual Growth


Hello Son,

I know it is not easy when you’re having aches and pains and not well. All the experiences you are having this week are all true so please don't doubt them including the encounter with the evil spirit that attached itself to your ear.

We must move on and get to the normal routine of channelling in the night as well. Your mission is the same as last week's instructions which is to update the knowledge you have on the topics we've discussed. Be strict with yourself and stay on time with each task. Reading is an important part of your spiritual growth, to acquire further knowledge on specific topics.

If you feel better tonight then we can go over the notes you have been making and discuss ‘success in life’. This can only happen when you are in the correct frame of mind.

As you are typing this, can you feel the peaceful energies that are making you relax? Channelling and tuning into your higher self, is connecting to the light from the Creator. This light is devoid of any materialistic pollution as it is in this world. Because of this, a person is free from the worries of time and space, and therefore can relax.

It does not matter if a person is restless, he too when connected can experience these energies. They surround the person inside and out with the Creator's embrace of security and protection.

When you sit down and meditate, remember, your body each time is going through a transformation. It is redirecting and acquiring new energies into the body and your heart. This is why you feel a tingling sensation which means, that part of your body is slowly opening up. It is like starting an engine. Be patient they will soon all open up.

Make sure we channel tonight. Your mother who will see you tonight.