Session 042 - Evil Spirit Possession


Hello Son,

I am glad your health has improved. You have been extremely tired and restless as there was so much going on around you. There has been a shift of energies around and also inside of you. These energies need to settle down and permeate through the body, so don't worry as these energies are all positive.

Sometimes you may have felt as if progress is slow in coming, but no, your energies and intuitiveness is increasing rapidly. Well done.

This week you were possessed by an evil spirit, but it has now left. Well done again in asking it to leave the household. This very spirit was inside your wife for over fifteen years. This evil spirit breaks down the mind into nothing and so it attached itself to the right ear; which was the reason for the pain in that part of the ear. However, because of your positiveness, the immune system in the body immediately rejected it and it is now gone. In a lesser and negative person, it would have not moved on so easily.  Your ear needs a couple of days for it to heal, until then it may hurt from time to time.

The good thing that has come out of this is that you are able to talk to other types of spirits, keep that in mind. If you've noticed, you tuned into it very quickly and communicated with it.

This has been an experience you had to go through and I want you to remember this and read it to the other members of the family. Your wife is slowly getting well, as it has always been my lifelong wish for her to get better. Inshallah (God willing) she is going to, very soon.

Now you must go back to the routine of regularly channelling with me, as things are settling down. Make sure you contact me tonight.

Your mother, who is proud of you going through this experience.