Session 040 - Rehman and Reheem


Hello Son,

Today I want to talk with you about the lights of Rehman (gracious) and Reheem (compassion).

When a person reads the Quran or a surah, he reads first bismillah. In this verse, contains the mercy of the divine attributes of the Creator. Inspiration is instantly received when a person reads this. It is like making a connection or tuning into a frequency of a radio. As the connection is made, even though the reader is unaware of this, the Creator gives His protection and knowledge to understand what they are reading. When reading, a part of the brain is opened, this contains the Creator’s secrets of the ultimate knowledge that was given to Adam. Once the person has read the surah, they can perform meditation, concentrating on what they have read. Soon they will receive the attributes connected to that surah or any part of the Quran they have just read.

The attributes of Rehman and Reheem contains the whole galaxy. This is an important verse in the Quran and is repeated again and again. The Creator is constantly reminding the reader of God’s mercy and His divine attributes connected to this. He is also reminding us that He is forgiving and caring in every aspect of a person’s life. He constantly inspires us in our thoughts to make the correct decisions in life. He never wanted man to suffer but to live happily.

Now these attributes are the purity of the Creator. The thoughts of the Creator in these words also enter our subconscious. Here we are able to understand thoroughly why the Creator made these attributes for mankind.

We have used Rehman and Reheem as an example, but we could have used other attributes or other names of the Creator. These names form the basics of the creation of all creations. If we understand these names of God, we can then use them for our own benefit, as long as we gain the Creator’s trust.

God wants mankind to develop to such a level so that He can gain our trust. To develop spiritually is important in life. I have said this again and again in my channelling. To experience and to see for ourselves during meditation, we can understand the Creator’s plan for mankind.

Your task is to increase your channelling as many times as possible and keep meditating. This will help you to tune into your higher self and to me.

Your mother, who meditates, when you meditate.