Session 039 - Activation of the third eye and ascension


Hello Son,

I can see a lot more determination in you. In the last four days you have gone through a transformation of energy imbalances. Now that they have settled down you can focus and the tiredness will soon disappear. There are still going to be energy transformations in the near future, so be patient as always.

Now let’s talk about the ‘activation of the third eye’.

This has been a goal you’ve always set your life around. In the past you have become disheartened and lost interest in pursuing this and also your personal circumstances were such, which meant it was not the right time nor were you in the correct frame of mind.

As you know, the third eye is the secret to the dream world and the experience needed to ascend to the next realm in ascension. Theory is one thing but to actually see with your third eye is something else.

To activate your third eye, you have to follow and carry out a few activities and be patient. I can guarantee you that this will work for you, because you already know the basics. These are the best steps that are suited to you according to your lifestyle around your work timetable.

  • The dream world is activated during the sleep state. So perform meditation at night when your subconscious mind is at its maximum level possible.
  • Always be prepared mentally and read something before hand like a prayer or other chanting.  
  • Any crystals will help you to enhance the energies.

These three points are simple and easy to follow and remember the longer the meditation the better the concentration. Try meditation without any music, as this is unsettling you. Besides you do not need it.

Your eyes will open soon, but you have to go down this journey and remember you must be patient.

You have another question for me which is about ‘ascension’.

Ascension is mankinds’ transformation in going back to the ultimate source from where he came from. This is what is happening to you all of a sudden. Your immediate interest in the subject during February, activated the energies and you are now going through the transformation.

You are not ready to receive the details as yet. You’ve got to activate the information from within. Research this topic and you will find the answers yourself. Moving to a new location is not necessary and I know you really don’t want to. But remember, you are part of a team with your brother’s in-law, who wants a move out to Africa. If you do move, it will be beneficial, because you need a change for your peace of mind. Trust in the Creator and create your own dreams that they become a reality. I know I have said to do muraqba (meditation) at night, however, anytime you can is also good.

Your mother, who enters and inspires every dream.